After receiving my masters in experimental physics from Utrecht University, I started my PhD in 2006. I carried out my PhD project in the group of Astrid Kappers at Utrecht University. During this period I studied haptic feature saliency and numerosity judgement. This resulted in a thesis entitled Haptic perception of multiple object – Strategy, saliency and numerosity. I received my PhD in 2010 (Cum Laude).  My thesis was awarded the best thesis award by the Dutch society for Psychonomics (The NVP dissertatieprijs 2009-2011.)

Directly after completing my Phd I moved to VU University to work in the group of Jeroen Smeets and Eli Brenner. Here I studied the size-weight illusion and continued my experiments on numerosity judgement. After succesfully applying for an NWO Rubicon grant I moved to Bielefeld, Germany.

I worked at Bielefeld University between 2011 and 2013. In this period I studied perceptual integration of bimanual information in collaboration with Marc Ernst. Together with Loes van Dam I also studied visual and haptic integration of slant. Although I no longer work at Bielefeld University, a continue to collaborate with several members of the Cognitive Neurosciences group.

After being awarded an NWO VENI grant I moved back to VU University to work as a PI on my project on perceptual grouping in touch. The project started in april 2013 and will run until 2016.